How we hope to achieve our vision

Mission Statement

Encourage, support, and promote the arts for the benefit and education of the communities of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Guiding Principals Governing our Choices and Actions

  • Communities deserve the opportunity to participate in and enjoy the arts in all their forms.
  • Visual artists, literary artists, and performing artists are part of a community of artists who should work together to support and advance their arts.
  • Art brings people together to celebrate beauty, to make and create meaning, and to honor their shared past and present cultural heritage.
  • Art education supports successful student learning.
  • Art provides a life-long way for individuals to express their creativity, sense of beauty, emotions, and insights.
  • A thriving arts culture helps to build community.
  • A thriving arts culture provides economic benefits to the communities in which it exists.

Strategic Goals

  • Goal Statement #1: Organizational Development: Become a respected, recognized arts organization.
  • Goal Statement #2: Education: Promote understanding and appreciation of the arts.
  • Goal Statement #3: Promotion: Develop a climate that supports arts production and a center to showcase the arts.
  • Goal Statement #4: Communication Resource: Serve as a communication link for the arts.
  • Goal Statement #5: Advocacy: Serve as an advocacy group for the arts in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

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