Nickers in a Twist or Never a Dull Chiseler

Melodrama is back! The El Paseo Arts Foundation is resurrecting one of its more popular theatrical genres with the upcoming production of “Nickers in a Twist or Never a Dull Chiseler”, under the direction of Judy Brewer. Local actors will be bringing to the boards the premier of this original play by the Houstonian playwright team of Macraigh & Gena Roberts.

Performances are August 24 and 25 at 7:30 PM with a Cash Bar at 6:30 at the South Padre Island Convention Centre.

To explain the plot would take far too long, so let’s sum up… “Nickers in a Twist” takes place in your typical old west town – probably in Texas. Twenty years ago a bank robbery went afoul that resulted in a long stretch in the hoosegow for Brigand Chiseler. But today he is being released. However, Sheriff Drab Nickers, his lovely wife, Lacie, and their charming daughter, Frillie, are soon to find themselves in a series of unexpected “twists” and tumultuous turns of events as rehabilitation, it would seem, has not had the desired effect upon our convicted criminal.

Simply put… melodramas are a hoot! And “Nickers in a Twist or Never a Dull Chiseler” draws upon all the classic components of this traditional theatrical style to elicit audience responses that cover the breadth of cheering on the hero, empathizing with the heroine and – naturally – booing and hissing the villain. If perchance you’ve never had the privilege to participate in a melodrama before… then this is your opportunity. For you veterans of this most unconventional mode of entertainment, you already know you’ll want a front row seat. For additional information, please call 956-943-4700.

Ticket are $30 ($25 for EPAF Members) per person and will be available for purchase 30 days prior to the event at Paragraphs Book Store, S.O.S., the Art Gallery in Lighthouse Square and online at