The Bold, The Young, and The Murdered

If you are a fan of soap operas or murder mysteries and you enjoy a comedy that makes you laugh out loud, then El Paseo Arts Foundation’s April production of “The Bold, the Young and The Murdered” is a play that you won’t want to miss. The mystery comedy is scheduled for performance on April 23rd, 24th and 25th at the South Padre Island Convention Center.

Written by Don Zolidis, “The Bold, the Young and the Murdered” is a comedy/mystery that pokes fun at soap operas and the actors on TV soaps. It is also both a murder mystery with an ending that will surprise even the best mystery sleuths and a play within a play as the actors interact with one another on camera and off.Bold young and murdered ad copy

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“A Touch of Classical”

Over the years, the El Paseo Arts Foundation has sponsored a variety of musical concerts and entertainers. We have enjoyed a tenor from Mexico; duets, trios, four-five piece combos, brass, strings, piano and harps. When we decided to once again, enrich our Season 11 with some quality classical music—an event we called, “A Touch of Classical”, we decided to look in our own backyard so to speak. What we found is a treasure trove of musical talent right here in our very own Rio Grande Valley.

Get ready for an evening of fabulous classical music, performed by two extraordinary musical talents who are the personification of excellence. Dr. Cynthia Cripps and Dr. Shoko Kinsella are the at the top of their professions individually. However, something magical occurs when these two join forces and the auditory world becomes the personification of classical music in perfect harmony that captivates the soul. Continue reading

Auditions for “The Bold, The Young, and The Murdered”

If you enjoy soap operas, murder mysteries or comedies, auditions for “The Bold, the Young and The Murdered” are perfect for you. Auditions for the April 23rd – 25th show will be held on Wednesday March 9th and 10th at 6:30 p.m., at the Padre Sunset Club. An afternoon audition will be held on Thursday, March 10th at 2:30 p.m., at the Padre Sunset Club. With a cast of thirteen, five men and eight women, this show has parts for all age groups and personality types. Continue reading

“The Tom Franek Show”

image02Get ready for an evening of fabulous music of all styles, humor, astounding agility as El Paseo proudly presents The Princess Cruise Line top performer, Tom Franek.


  • “Personality & Talent of a Star.”
  • Minnesota News, 2014


Recent Testimonial:

Dale Dodge Mathews Tom–Cannot express in words how much we LOVED your performances aboard the Star Princess. Your talent is beyond incredible. We were so impressed. Standing ovations are rare and you got them at both of the shows we watched. I was the woman that got you a seat next to me at the early show for your friend’s comedy show. I am sure we will be seeing you a lot as you rise to your destined stardom. Hope to see you again.” Continue reading

The El Paseo Arts Foundation pompously presents “The Case of the Malted Falcon”

Get ready for an evening of fatal fun as El Paseo unveils a mystery theater show that spoofs TV chefs, old-time detectives, art lovers, and chocoholics!

Penned by Tony Schwartz and Marylou Ambrose, the show, Sam Club Private Eye in The Case of the Malted Falcon, takes place at the Gallery of Amazingly Great Art (GAGA) in New York City. Sam Club was hired to guard the priceless chocolate sculpture, The Malted Falcon, during the train ride from Austin, TX to New York City. But on the way, someone hits him over the head and steals the sculpture. Now Sam must find the thief and save the sculpture and his reputation as a private eye. Continue reading

Driving Miss Daisy

El Paseo Arts Foundation Hosts Camille Playhouse’s Production of Driving Miss Daisy

“A heartwarming tale about the manner in which two people of goodwill cross the deep ravines of cultural borders and come to an understanding and respect for each other.” – The New York Times

On Thursday, February 4th, El Paseo Arts Foundation plays host to the Camille Playhouse’s production of Driving Miss Daisy at the South Padre Island Convention Center.

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“Shamrocks and Harp” Update

With a heavy heart, El Paseo Arts Foundation must publish a programming update. Due to the serious illness of the lead musician, we will be unable to present the “Shamrocks and Harp” program scheduled for February 12th and 13th, 2016.  We are currently working on a musical program to replace this event and will post that information just as soon as it is finalized.  Our prayers are with the Comhaltas musicans.