EPAF Holds Auditions for 2 Fall Productions

El Paseo Arts Foundation will hold auditions for its two fall play productions, the comedy, Absence of a Cello, and the musical, They’re Playing Our Song on Friday, August 23 at 6:30 P.M. and Saturday, August 24, at 10 A.M. at the SPI Community Center. 

Absence of a Cello has seven cast members:  three men and four women, ages 20ish to 60ish.  This comedy is scheduled for performance on October 8 and 9, 2019, at the SPI Convention Center.

Don’t expect a highbrow string quartet from Absence of a Cello by Ira Wallach. Expect instead a stimulating evening of witty one liners and hilarious situations resulting in some very thought provoking humor.  Forty something, out of work physics professor Andrew Pilgrim must decide what lengths he will go to in order to land a big corporate job. He and his wife Celia, a scholar of medieval literature, rearrange their reality to satisfy the strictures of the 1960s corporate American image. On advice from Perry Littlewood, the boyfriend of their daughter Joanna, the Pilgrim family hurriedly attempts to adjust everything that might reveal who they really are in preparation for the arrival of Otis Clifton, the interviewer.  Andrew’s witty and attractive sister Marian and Perry’s grandma Emma, a successful kleptomaniac, assist Andrew and Celia in the deception and the multi-day interview process becomes “…a cheerfully venomous comedy about the mysterious monster called the Corporate Image.” (NY Daily News.) 

They’re Playing Our Song has eight cast members:  four men and four women, ages 20+.  The musical is scheduled for performance on November 5 and 6, 2019, at the SPI Convention Center.

 The plot of They’re Playing Our Song centers on a wisecracking, but successful composer finds a new,  slightly disorganized, very off-beat, but accomplished lyricist.  Initially, the match is not one made in heaven. Vernon and Sonia couldn’t be more different, but opposites seem to attract, and soon professional collaboration turns to romantic relationship. Of course, that’s when their serious trouble begins.  As they navigate the ups and downs of new romance, you’ll find yourself desperately rooting for the couple to find their happy ever after.   This is a musical comedy about the joy of falling in love and the joy of making art.  This Tony nominated musical makes for a splendid evening of entertainment.  With a book written by Neill Simon, you can expect this to be a very funny.  There are lots of laughs; and catchy tunes that are likely to get stuck in your head.   They’re Playing Our Song is melodic romance that hits all the right notes. (Note if you plan to audition for the musical, please prepare a song that you can sing at the audition.)

Anyone who wants to audition but who can’t make the scheduled audition times should contact one of the directors to arrange a different time.  Carol Kent for Absence of a Cello847-387-9914.  Rick Alf for They’re Playing Our Song: 956-832-3756.  These auditions will be fun so whoever would like to find out more about our local community theatre are welcome to just come and watch.  Of course, the directors will also be looking for volunteers who are interested in working back stage or in helping to paint and build the set. 

The High C Diva

Due to circumstances beyond our control, this performance by Colleen Mallette is being rescheduled to our fall season.  The 2018-19 Season Tickets will still be honored for this show.  Sorry for any inconvenience and we will keep you posted once the dates are finalized.