Meet the Author Series at Paragraphs

Saturday April 7th 1-3 PM

Book signing and conversation with author, Gail Rollo

“Gorilla of my Dreams”

In 2012, I was in Mexico with my daughter and her family. It was raining, and we were all inside. The TV was on and my son-in-law and grandson were watching a King Kong movie. I instantly remembered the dream I had at five years old and relayed it to my daughter. Parts of the dream were as vivid as they were seventy-three years ago. There he was, a huge gorilla with a chair on his chest just for me. He walked on his back legs as if to say, look at us! I remember feeling that sense of pride having my own gorilla. It was wonderful to remember how special it was to me. My daughter looked me straight in the eye and said “Mom, you need to write a children’s book”.

I look forward to bringing more fun stories to print. The “Gorilla of My Dreams” has many more adventures to share. This new phase of my life is full of new challenges and wonderful new experiences. I now have ten grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. I know that writing for my babies is my love and I have many more stories to share. LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN 

These events are free and open to the public.
Paragraphs On Padre Boulevard, 5505 Padre Blvd

South Padre Island, TX

For information call us at 956-433-5057

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